Workers' Compensation

Port Townsend School District is approved as a self-insured employer under the Washington State Workers’ Compensation Law.  Our self-insured program applies to all work-related injuries or illnesses.  The industrial insurance laws of Washington allow employers to insure their workers’ compensation obligations through the State Fund or through self-insurance.  The benefits and rights for injured workers are exactly the same under either system.  By being self-insured, Port Townsend School District assumes the cost of the actual medical charges and compensation expenses and pays from company funds, as well as all benefits prescribed by workers’ compensation law associated with on-the-job injuries or illnesses.  Under our self-insurance program, you do not pay the medical-aid premium; however, the Supplemental Pension and Asbestos premium deduction appear on your payroll check at each pay period.  The deduction amount is determined by the Department of Labor and Industries and is subject to change annually.

If you sustain a work-related injury, the following steps are to be followed:

Report the injury immediately to your principal (custodial/maintenance report to Maintenance Director), whether or not medical attention is required.  You will need to fill out the Employee Incident Report (EIR), available in your school office, along with your principal or director.  The document is sent to Human Resources who will then send it to ESD #114.  If you seek medical treatment you will need to call 800-643-4369 to file a Worker’s Comp claim.

If you do not want to fill out a paper form, Worker's Comp now has an online option.  You may access that link here:  EIR Online Reporting.  Click on the Worker's Comp tab then click on the Go To Employee Incident Report Form tab.  

Please use whatever format is most convenient for you.

The method by which Port Townsend School District determines Time Loss Certification includes, but is not limited to:

            Certificate of Disability

            Medical Reports

            Release for Work Slip

            Medical Progress Report (SIF-2)

            Phone Calls

 This information will be obtained by our Self-Insured Program Administrators-ESD #114, Workers’ Compensation Trust.

If you have questions, please call the Human Resources Office at (360) 680-5755

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