Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures for the Port Townsend School District

The Board of Directors (the "School Board") of the Port Townsend School District is the corporate entity established by the state of Washington to plan and direct all aspects of the district’s operations to the end that students shall have ample opportunity to achieve their individual and collective learning needs.

The Policies of the board define the organization of the school board and the manner of conducting its official business.

What is the difference between a board policy and procedure?
A board policy:
    Provides guidelines to chart a course of action
    Tells what is wanted - and may include why and how much
    Allows discretionary action by the administration in meeting day-to-day problems
    Is specific enough to give clear guidance
    Should be reviewed on a consistent schedule and can only be modified through formal     
         analysis, review and adoption

A board procedure:
    Is the responsibility of the superintendent and staff.  The superintendent can change                    procedures as the need arises.
    Establishes the mechanics for implementing policy
    Contains important detail; the do's and don'ts
    Is not adopted, but is reviewed by the Board as needed

New board Series:
In fall 2022, the board voted to add the 0000 series - Vision. This series guides the other series, setting priorities for the district's work. 


0000 - Vision. Policies related to strategic planning.

1000 - Board of Directors. Policies related to School Board meetings,
board member elections and governance.

2000 - Instruction. Policies related to student learning programs, school
organization, and instructional requirements

3000 - Students. Policies related to admission and attendance, rights
and responsibilities, and student activities.

4000 - Community Relations. Policies related to communications with the
public, public participation in schools, public access to staff and students,
and relations with other agencies.

5000 - Personnel. Policies related to recruitment, hiring, employment,
compensation, leaves, and benefits.

6000 - Management Support. Policies related to minimum funds,
and school property.

Last Modified on September 22, 2022.

Board Policy Table of Contents

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