Washington State History

Washington State History



1.   Make a map of the Geologic areas of Washington State: include names of regions, key rivers and mountains.

                Resource for seismic information, especially about volcanoes:

2.   Research about tribal treaties; compare 3, including the Treaty of Neah Bay, in a table detailing lands given to the tribe and permissions (land use, fishing, whaling, etc.). Resource:

3.   Choose a tribe and research a legend from that tribe. Copy and illustrate onto a 9x12 construction paper.

4.   Using a Venn Diagram and illustrations, compare and contrast the Coastal and Plateau Indians of the Pacific NW, specifically addressing the sovereignty of the tribes (ability to govern themselves).

5.  Create a totem for yourself and/or your family. Explain the meaning of each part, or tell the story of your totem.

6.  Explain the key countries' explorations and claims to the Pacific Northwest. Write 2+ paragraphs per country, including key explorers and political motivations.

     Spain, England, Russia, US, France. (Chapter 4)

     Draw a map showing the various explorations (see map p.127 in the text) - extend your map to include Alaska.

7.  Explain how a bill becomes a law through Washington State’s governmental process. Create a flow chart to illustrate the process.

8.  Make a table that shows 10 top companies in Washington State, their trading partners, and their effect on the Washington State economy. (Example: Boeing, Starbucks, Microsoft, PEMCO; indicate which countries they trade with, and how their presence benefits the state.)

9.  CBA:  State a position on an historical question of your choice. Provide reasons for your position, including evidence from text and web sources. (See “Dig Deep” CBA paper)