OCEAN Study Extended
Posted on 03/16/2021
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The Port Townsend School District Board of Directors is committed to engaging the community as we create conditions district-wide that promote student and staff success. Holding Focus Groups is one part of a study of OCEAN, our long-standing parent partnership program. The study wants to gather information which will:

-- Identify OCEAN strengths and areas for improvement
-- Improve alternative learning experiences for secondary students
-- Learn about how the community feels about OCEAN and how this feeling has evolved
over time
-- Strengthen community partnerships for alternative learning

OCEAN Study Update from March 3, 2021.

Family Interview Selection
Want the opportunity to be selected for a family interview for the OCEAN Study? Please email Donna Benson dbenson@ptschools.org and include this subject line: “I want to be in the interview pool” by 3pm on March 24. Five names will be selected randomly.

Student Survey
OCEAN Study Student Surveys begin March 16 through March 30. Student survey links (one link for grade 3-8 and one link for 9-12) will be sent to the OCEAN Teachers to post in Google Classroom.

Focus Groups Extended
The OCEAN Study invites residents in the Port Townsend School District to join a Focus Group relating to the OCEAN study. Our consultants, Don Lloyd and Ann Renker, PhD have already facilitated three sets of Focus Groups, each scheduled for a different day and time. We have scheduled two more Focus Group sessions.

All Focus Group sessions will be held on the ZOOM platform.

Focus Group Session #4 - March 18 9am to 10am

Focus Group Session #5 - March 25 4pm to 5pm

Our ZOOM norms for these Focus Group sessions are as follows:
-- Hosts will provide a quick overview of ZOOM tools for new users.
-- Please presume positive intentions for this forward-thinking conversation.
-- Depending on the size of the group, we may preserve bandwidth for everyone by limiting video participation.
-- Since the number of participants can vary by session, the hosts may be flexible with processes to ensure equity of voice.

The Focus Group questions assume that all participants have taken the Inclusive OCEAN Survey, so that information will not be repeated.

If you are interested in participating in a Focus Group and have not taken the Inclusive Ocean Survey, please take 30 minutes and complete the survey at this
link. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/V6HVTYN

To honor your time, our Focus Groups are tightly timed. If no one joins the group by fifteen minutes after the starting time, the hosts will end the session.

In the spirit of transparency, here are the global questions that Don and Ann would like your thoughts about…we will also provide opportunities for participants to share through quick ZOOM polls, which dig deeper into these global questions...

Q1 - What is something that would make you more inclined to participate in PTSD non-traditional learning/or to sustain your participation in PTSD alternative learning?

Q2 - What is something that has deterred you from participating in PTSD non-traditional learning?

Q3 - How aligned are PTSD non-traditional learning experiences with preparation for life after high school?

Q4 - Share your thinking, dreams, wishes, and suggestions for the future, particularly for secondary students who need flexibility and increased support.

If there are district residents who would like to add their voice to the Focus Group, but cannot access a ZOOM meeting, you can download the questions and email your
responses to:

Donna Benson, Blue Heron Middle School

Thank you for your time and investment in improving alternative learning in the Port Townsend School District.
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