OCEAN Events
Next K-8 Exhibition Night will be March 22:
Native Americans & Washington State History

Thank you everyone for sharing your work! 

Poetry Reading and Celebration!
OCEAN is having a K-8 poetry reading on Tuesday the 19th at 9:00 am. (This is during the elementary class time. Class still begins at 8:30 for elementary kids.) All the students have been writing poems and memorizing one as well. Each student will read one poem and if time allows recite the poem they memorized. 
This is like a Cocoa House. Students can bring treats (healthy and otherwise) to share. Be sure all treats are finger food type things. If the kids bring the cookies, I will bring the milk. If a parent wants to coordinate making cocoa (please contact me), we can call it a full blown cocoa house. If not, it will be a Milk and Cookies (and healthy treat) House. 
Also, if any parents are inspired to decorate they are welcome to come early to do this. Also we are looking for a microphone and amp if anyone has one. 
Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend if they are able. 
Time: 9:00 - ....
Place: Daniel's room
Date: 12/19/17
What to bring: An original poem to read, a poem you memorized, a treat to share. 
Dress: Dress like a poet !!!