Elementary LA/SS

April/May News:All Elementary Students

Our end of the year student exhibition night and of year celebration will be on 6/14/18.
 (Originally it was scheduled for the 7th but there was a mix-up with the fort).  
Students will be presenting the tri-fold boards they made on the Renaissance. We will also continue to Track the Dragon earlier in the afternoon. 

This is a potluck dinner as well. If any one has firewood we could have a fire as well. 

Please bring your suits for the OCEAN PLUNGE! 
The order of events is as follows:
3:30 - Meet at North Beach (for those who want to) and search for two Dragon tracks. Then walk to Kitchen Shelter and play at the beach.
5:00 - 5:15 - set up Tri-fold board displays
5:15 - 5:45 - Viewing Boards
5:45 - 6:00 - Violins
6:00 - 7:00 - Presentations
7:00 Sharp- Dinner and socializing
Wrap - up 8:00ish 
What to bring: Student Tri-Fold Boards, Potluck dish to share, Dishes, flatware and cups for your family, Firewood (if anyone has this), suits for the OCEAN PLUNGE!  Beach toys and things to play with.

Please let me know if you have any questions, We would love to have everyone there,but understand there are always conflicts. Please be represented by your tri-fold board on the Renaissance at the very least!

This spring in the Language Arts and Social Studies class we will be studying the Renaissance. Students will be making tri-fold boards. Each family will need to get their own board. Be sure to write your name in sharpie on the back to avoid confusion.  We will have a student exhibition night at the Kitchen Shelter on Thursday 7th. I would really love to make this an awesome event. Any parents who would like to help with this please let me know.

Also, any parent who has knowledge to share on this topic should contact me. In addition any parent who has a great idea for a hands on project that they want to help with should contact me as well. This should be a very exciting topic to study.

Please be sure to adapt all assignments to fit your child’s age and ability. I have included an assignment work schedule for all elementary students. We will review this at each monthly conference per the ALE laws.

Reading assignments for students to work on at home:

  • Read fiction and non-fiction books on the Renaissance

  • Read fiction and non-fiction about the area you are focusing on.

Writing assignments for students to work on at home:

  • Research writing: paragraphs and essays about your focus area. (See Below)

  • Narrative story: Character Journals

  • Writing Journals – Write in these 15 minutes every day when you do not have another writing assignment.  

Important News and Upcoming Events:

  1. State testing is here.  See previous email or click here.

  1. Student Exhibition Night: Thursday June 7th: See upcoming email

  1. I would like to have a field trip meeting soon. I can no longer drive and I am trying to figure out how we can run our trips. Look for an email on this.

3. Join a committee: (We have fun!).

- Field Trip Planning

- Fund Raising

Please contact Daniel if you would like to work on one of these.

                    Language Arts and Social Studies:

Work Schedule 3/4/5

Please bring all work to class each time. Even if you are only partly done your work it helps to see what you have accomplished. #1. Novel and Non-Fiction Reading:

Select and read a book related to the Renaissance. See me if you have any questions about this. Read thirty minutes each day. Each of you should complete the monthly book assignment on at least one of the books you read.

Book Assignment: Complete One!

1. Pick the big idea/theme of your book and write an essay that examines this topic in the book, your life and/or the world.

2. Pick an intriguing character from the book and write an essay about his/her motivations, aspirations, success and failures. What lessons can you or others learn about life from this character’s actions?

3. Create a movie poster for the book you read. Be sure to have a paragraph on the plot without giving away the ending.

4. Compare and contrast your life with the life of the character in the book. What has changed most drastically? What would you most enjoy or dislike about their life?

2. Writing Assignments: Complete the work for each week and bring

Week 1 (4/16) –  Character Journal #1. Write and illustrate

Week 2  (4/23) – Character Journal #2 Write and illustrate

Week 3 (4/30) – Character Journal #3. Write and illustrate

Week 4  (5/7) - Character Journal #4. Write and illustrate

Week 5  (5/14) – Character Journal #5. Write and illustrate

Week 6   (5/21) Character Journal #6. Write and illustrate

Week 7 (5/28) Character Journal #7. Write and illustrate

Turn in all work by 6/7/19!

#3. Social Studies –Washington State History – See the assignment sheets for these projects.

Week 1 (4/16) – Essay: What was the Renaissance? In a brief essay explain what the Renaissance was, where it took place and the importance of it in today’s world.

Week 2  (4/23) – Essay: write an essay about your study topic.

Week 3 (4/30) – Interview with a famous person who you are studying.

Week 4  (5/7) – Draw five images with captions or short paragraphs for your tri-fold board.

Week 5  (5/14) – Create trading cards of famous Reniassance people or places.

Week 6   (5/21) – True/ false cards and/or fast fact cards. Final reflection essay. I think it would be _________ to live in the Reniasssance. Explain yourself in an essay.

Week 7 (5/28) – Assemble Tri-fold board

Turn in all work by 6/7/19 and present

#4. Geography: Countries of the world:

This year we are going to learn the countries of the world. You can use Sheppard Software

Week 1 (4/16) –  Countries of Europe

Week 2  (4/23) – Countries of Europe

Week 3 (4/30) – Countries of Europe

Week 4  (5/7) – Review – Countries of Africa

Week 5  (5/14) – Review – Countries of Asia

Week 6   (5/21) – Review – Countries of South and Central America

Week 7 (5/28) Review – countries of the world

Final Quiz – (6/4) –countries of the world

Language Arts and Social Studies:

Work Schedule K/2  

Please bring all work to class each time. Even if you are only partly done your work it helps to see what you have accomplished.

#1 Reading

  • Work on reading skills for 15 minutes each day

  • Out loud reading – Keep a list of books read out loud together.   

  • Read about the Renaissance.


#2. Writing Assignments:

        - Work on writing skills 15 minutes each day at age appropriate level.

        - Work in writing workbooks – Explode the Code and Handwriting Without Tears

  • Write about  the Renaissance.

#3. Social Studies:

  • Choose a Renaissance topic. Create projects to go on your tri-fold board..  

  • Create a tri-fold board on the Renaissance.