Middle Level LA/SS

Grades 6/7 & 7/8

November 2017

From Cairo to Cape Town: Africa!



Please bring all work to class each time. Even if you are only partly done your work it helps to see what you have accomplished. Remember there are 5 parts to visiting each country. #1.Country Page #2.Country Project #3.Project Extension #4. Post Card  and #5. Journal


#1. Novel and Non-Fiction Reading:

Select and read fiction and/or non-fiction book(s) that is related to your NaNoWriMo story.  See me for help with this. Try to read 30 minutes each day. Each of you should complete the monthly book assignment on at least one of the books you read.


Book Assignment: Complete One!

          1. Pick the big idea/theme of your book and write an essay that examines this topic in the book, your life and/or the world.

          2. Pick an intriguing character from the book and write an essay about his/her motivations, aspirations, success and failures. What lessons can you or others learn about life from this character’s actions?

          3. Compare and contrast this culture with your own? What surprised you about this culture? What can we learn from this culture? What were the similarities and differences in this culture and our own?






#2. Writing Assignments:

Create an awesome work of fiction of your own choosing. Create character, problems, setting and set a word goal. Then write, write, write!

Week 1 (11/6) – NaNoWriMo – 1/4 of story

Week 2 (11/13) – NaNoWriMo – 2/4 of story

Week 3 (11/20) – NaNoWriMo – 3/4 of story

Week 4 (11/27) – NaNoWriMo – Complete story read to the class.


#3. Social Studies – African Safari – A great website to use is Our Africa


Week 1 (11/6)  – Complete all work for Africa Project

Week 2 (11/13)  – Create cover, assemble Book of Knowledge, Present as Student Exhibition Night

Week 3 (11/20)  – Present in class

Week 4 (11/27)  - Controversial Issue Essay – Outline and Rough Draft



#4. Geography: Countries of the world: Africa

This year we are going to learn the countries of the world. We will start with Africa. You can use Sheppard Software


          Week 1 (11/6) – African countries – Study for final Quiz on 11/13

          Week 2  (11/13)- All Africa final quiz, Monday 11/13/17!

          Week 3 (11/20) – South American Countries  - Study

          Week 4  (11/27) – South American Countries – Quiz