Friday Letter

Friday Letter

February 21, 2014

 Important Dates:

2/23 Rose Theater Movie-fundraising event 11 am

2/24 Marvelous Monday

2/25 Steering

3/3 Marvelous Monday

3/6 Parent Meeting

3/6 5th grade Human Growth and Dev. Info night BH, 6:00 p.m.

3/10, 3/17 Marvelous Monday

3/24, 3/25, 3/27, 3/28 3 hour early release for conferences

3/26 2 hour early release/conferences

3/31-4/4 Spring Break!


Parent/Committee Reports:


Fundraising Committee



Thank you so very much for taking on the tickets sales portion of our OPEPO Pirate Event on February 23rd at The Rose Theatre.  Each family has 5 event tickets (Priced at $10 each) and 10 raffle tickets (priced at $1 each). Event tickets have a sailboat on them and are perforated.  Present the WHOLE ticket at the door for a chance to win one of two door prizes. These are a week of pirate camp at NWMC and a day sail for 6 people of the schooner Martha! Deadline for ticket sales is January 31st.


Red raffle tickets have prizes too.  We have gift baskets with items from Getables, Summer House, Sandcastle, Sideshow Variety, WBF, Don's, Lanzas, Hoodsport Winery and more!  


Make checks payable to OPEPO. Place ticket $ BACK into the envelope provided (it had your familiy's name on it), SEAL it and place in the parent filing cabinet in the folder with the skull and cross bones on it.  Please do not hand the money to the teachers as this is not a Grant Street function. 


Teacher Report


Important Reminders:

Email Communication with the teachers-If you need to contact the teachers with important questions or info for all of OPEPO (field trips, cooking crew, Missoula, Marv Mondays, etc.) or a concern that is not subject specific (Literacy vs. Math) please be sure to Cc email both teachers so we can stay in the loop with each other. As plans change, we often do not realize if only one teacher has been communicated without the other included.

Also please DO NOT email after school transportation changes to the teachers. We often do not check our email until the end of the day after students have left. If an after school plan changes, please call the office and let them know. The office then delivers a note to our after school clipboard. Thanks!

Tardies- Parents, please do your best to have your child at school on time. First bell rings at 8:12. It really helps the day get off to a much smoother start when everyone is here on time and ready to go. Thanks for your attention to this!

Thank you!

* Lisa, Steve, enrichment committee and all parents who helped in some way to  make a fabulous Missoula experience for our children

Robin, Gemma, Scott, Heather, Rachel, Rosanna, Anne, Brian, Bob, Dessa, & Jess S. for volunteering for Math!

*Rachel for compiling the Friday Letter

*Julie J for taking notes at parent mtg.

*Mirandy for organizing student reading tubs

*Dessa  and this month’s cooking crew parents

*Jodi and Jess W for organizing treats for Valentine’s Day and Carrie, Jess W, and Gemma  for bringing treats

*Kelly for doing Scholastic Book Orders


Student-led Conferences are coming up the end of March.  Please see the attached pre-conference sheet and fill out and return by February 28th.  It is helpful if you mark at least 2, if not more, possible choices for your student-led conference.


Scholastic Book Orders- are due on Monday.  If you want to order please have your order forms in an envelope along with a check made out to Scholastic Books for the correct amount.  No cash please.  On line orders are also due that day.


Literacy- Both groups have been working on using the reading strategy of making inferences to better comprehend what text is trying to say.  They have learned that Inference= BK (background knowledge) + TC (using text clues).  S’Middles applied this formula to identify and figure out knew vocabulary and Juniors combined this with visualization to help them infer what text is trying to say within poetry. We have also begun a new writing unit on Opinion Writing.

Please continue to have your child read daily to increase stamina and fluency in order to further their reading

S’Middle Literacy Help Needed- Literature circle groups will begin soon.  I am still looking for at least two more parents that would be available to facilitate a small book group once a week for about 5 weeks.  Time available is 10:15-11:10 on Tuesday, Thursday or Fridays.  Wed. could work as well from 10:40-11:15. Please let Karmen know ASAP if you would like to participate.


Juniors Math-

1st Year students have continued to work on reading and making sense of data, telling time to the ½ hour, and adding and subtracting within 20. An important new concept is fact families of 10.

2nd year students have been reading and making mathematical conclusions using data. Adding and subtracting double and triple digit numbers, & using visual models to make  equal groups of repeated addition equations in more than 1 way as a foundation for multiplication.


3 + 3 + 3 + 3 = 12

4 + 4 + 4 + = 12


S’middles Math

3rd year- Continuing to working on multiplication and division using visual models, fact families and daily practice of math facts. We are working hard on our 4s and 8s multiplication/division facts. We also have been working on geometry concepts of quadrilaterals and finding area and perimeter.

4th year students- Continued work on multi-digit multiplication and division. Adding, subtracting and ordering fractions has also a been major focus.

5th year students- Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions and decimals.

S’middles Science- We are working on the FOSS Human Body Science.  Students have been learning about the bones/skeleton of the human body. Feel free to see the science kits overview connected to the science fair letter.


SCIENCE FAIR- Since the Grant Street Science Fair occurred the same night as the Missoula Play, we have decided to have a Science Fair on Friday, April 18th- the same night as Art Wave- where the school will be open and halls decorated with the year’s art projects. We will open our classroom, so kids from other classes can enjoy the OPEPO science fair, and our kids have a chance to share their learning with the whole school.

            S’middles will be required to do an inquiry-based science fair project. Juniors can participate on an optional basis. Juniors’ science projects can be a model, display or inquiry-based science project. More details will be sent home in the next few weeks. In the meantime, I have attached a list of science fair ideas for you and your student to review to start brainstorming some ideas. We will provide the science board for your child.

OPEPO Website

The OPEPO website has been updated and Betsy will be working to add to it. We will post Parent Meeting Minutes and Friday letters there, so if you do not have a paper copy of the Friday letter, fell free to look online. It is on the website: www/—click ‘Schools’, click ‘OPEPO’ and on the sidebar you will see a tab that says ‘Friday Letters’.