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The Port Townsend School District is submitting to the voters a proposal for a four-year Capital Projects Levy in the amount of $4,726,000.00 on the February 14, 2012 ballot.  The assessment begins in the spring of 2013, but overall local school taxes will actually decline, as the capital bond for Blue Heron Middle School drops off tax statements after 2012.  Levy funds will be used to make facilities safer, healthier and more functional for teaching and learning.  The capital projects to be addressed by this levy were all identified by the district's long-range planning committee in 2006 but not accomplished due to lack of funds.  Critical upgrades in areas of communications, electrical, plumbing and heating systems on all three campuses will be addressed.  Nearly $1 million is earmarked to upgrade the district's technology by enhancing data capacity, improving infrastructure and addressing the district's aging computers.  This levy will help bring our students into 21st-century learning, including the use of interactive smart boards and online testing.  The levy also addresses needed improvements for both the Grant Street and High School cafeterias.  Capital projects include:
  • $3,159,210.00 for district improvements including, roofs, carpeting, phone system, security systems, sidewalks and Port Townsend's share of the transportation facility renovation.
  • $570,000.00 for improvements at the High School, including heating systems and the cafeteria.
  • $246,790.00 for Blue Heron projects, including repair of the track.
  • $750,000.00 for improvements at Grant Street to the stage, cafeteria and ICE facility.
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Senior Tax Exemption:
Individuals who are at least 61 years of age, reside in Jefferson County year-round, and earn less than $35,000 annually may qualify for an exemption from this tax.  Please contact the Jefferson County Assessor's Office at 385-9105 for more information.

Last Modified on October 4, 2012