Our district has a five year initiative to align our curriculum along a central Maritime Framework to anchor all subjects and grade levels in experiences in our maritime community. Through this maritime and place-based learning students are connected with land and sea over the course of their careers. The curriculum emphasizes developing student dispositions along our place-based learning themes. Our curriculum is continually being improved and changed, so check back as we keep this page updated. 

Weather Kaleen

Kindergarten Weather


Grade 3 Citizen Scientists and Wild Birds

5th Grade

Grade 5 Salish Sea Biome


Grant Street Swimming

Healthy School LunchPNWMaritime Discovery Program

Grade 7 Healthy School Lunch

Grade 7 Protecting Northwest Waters

Grade 7 Maritime Discovery Program

Toys for Shelter

Blue Heron Toys for Animal Shelter

Creative Non FictioinContainersClimate ChangeCuento Infantiles

Grade 10 Explore Writing Through Creative Non Fiction

Grade 10 Storage Containers

Grade 10 Climate Change

Grade 10 Cuento Infantiles

Senior Symposium

Grade 12 Senior Symposium

Beach Art

Grades 1 and 2 Salish Sea


Grade 4 Human Development and Impact on Environment


OPEPO Explorers

Chinese Instruments

Grade 6 Chinese Instruments


Grade 8 Salish Sea to Olympics Challenge

Grade 8 A Capital Experience

School FarmContainersThe Process of Fermentation

Grade 9 School Farm to Cafeteria

Grade 9 Storage Containers

Grade 9 The Process of Fermentation


Grade 11 Historical Museum Design

Marine Trades

High School Marine Trades Aboard the Schooner Adventuress