Title I and LAP

Title I

Title I is a federally-funded program that provides reading and mathematics assistance at Grant Street Elementary and Blue Heron School.  Title 1 provides extra assistance to students who are not yet performing on grade level.  Students receive supplemental instruction from certificated reading and math specialists and highly qualified, trained para educators.

A combination of data is used from measures such as Measurement of Student Progress (MSP), Star Reading and Math Assessments, Reading Running Records, the Phono-Graphix test, the Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA) and kindergarten math and reading screening tools. The students most in need are the first served and instruction is individualized to help them succeed. Whether in math or reading, Title I classes use curricula and provide learning opportunities that supplement, complement and reinforce grade level learning expectations. This program includes a significant parent involvement component.  Parents may find useful information to support student learning at the OSPI website:  

Learning Assistance Program (LAP)

Learning Assistance Program (LAP) is a state-funded educational program that provides reading and math support at Grant Street, Blue Heron, and Port Townsend High School for students who scored below standard on statewide assessments.  LAP provides a supplemental program that is in addition to students' regular academic classes.