Health / Career Life Skills
90 hours for semester (0.5) credit

Career / Life Skills
90 hours for semester (0.5) credit

There are five parts to Career/Life Skills: You may choose to do assignments one at a time or concurrently. Budget your time to complete them all within 18 weeks.

Complete 3 dishes and fill out a form for each dish.
Plan and cook a three-course meal.
Single dish form
3-course meal form

Do laundry start to finish for the whole family for one week.
Learn about how to get rid of a variety of stains.
Write a one-page paper on how to do laundry, including stain abatement.

Bring in 3 samples of hand-stitched mending and 1-2 larger sewing projects that demonstrate that you know how to use a pattern and sew a bag or garment using a sewing machine.
Sewing Classes in Liz's Portable will be available by appointment. A sewing machine will be available, bring your own (plus tools) if you have one. Bring fabric swatches! We will sew some simple bags. Helpers welcome.

Personal Finance
Paycheck analysis / Purchasing / Rent & Utilities / Loan worksheets
Comparison shopping activity
Written Budget

Fill out a sample or real job application.
Create a résumé that highlights your skills and experience (I can help with this).
Start with a list of skills, qualities you have, and experience, both employed and volunteer. Here is a link to several good suggestions: Résumé Builder

Practice a job interview, or be in a real job interview.
Complete a High School & Beyond Educational Plan.