Creative Writing
For Creative Writing one-semester credit

Log 5+ hours per week on your activity log. Set writing goals each month.
Write daily throughout the semester.

Set up a folder in your chrome account titled "Creative Writing".

In your folder, create a "Writing List". 
For each piece you write, give a title and summary if the piece is handwritten.
Upload or write in Google docs your stories.

Once per quarter
: Upload or turn in a 2-3 page report on your writing process. 
Be sure to include two or more of: 
--Longer summary of your story;
--Detail of character development, conflict and setting;
--Your purpose in writing the story, plus meaning of title;
--How you have considered changing the beginning or ending;
--Cite a memorable passage from the story and explain why it was important;
--Identify the changes in the main character and what were the causes in those changes;
--How has writing this particular story changed you as a writer?