English 9/10/11
​English 9 / 10 / 11 (combined with separate credit of Marine Biology)

90 hours for semester (0.5) credit; 180 hours for year-long (1.0) credit
Class meets Mondays and Tuesdays, 10:30 - 11:40 am

This course meets school district and state graduation requirements for English.

Weekly Essays focusing on topics of global issues
Novels at least monthly with written analyses as assigned
Grammar exercises and vocabulary as assigned
Research Reports - one per semester

Writing Process for Most Essays:
1) Free-write on paper in class
2) Rough Draft typed into chrome account or on paper
3) Two peer edits
4) Final Draft
5) Teacher input
6) Final Copy for grade

Write Source 
Purdue Owl

Marine Biology Coloring Book
Novel: Log of the Sea of Cortez
Other novels as assigned / suggested

Date assigned / Assignment
Sept 6 - 9 Read news for marine articles; Read article on "Beautiful Work", highlight key points that resonate with you, underline one key sentence that reflects your beliefs about student work.
Essay: What is your core belief about student work?"
--What do you hold as your core belief about student work? 
--How does the sentence you underlines illustrate or support your thinking?

Sept 12 - 18 
Set up Interactive Notebook for Marine Biology.
Share the latest book you have read.
Freewrite in notebook: What life lessons have you gained from reading this book? 
Short Story or essay: Write a short story or essay illustrating this same life lesson.
(We will be peer editing this paper.)