Thought Exchange - School Board Director Districts
Thought Exchange - School Board Director Districts
Posted on 02/21/2018
Thought Exchange LogoThe Port Townsend School District is using Thought Exchange, an online engagement tool, to seek community input on a proposal to reconfigure board director district representation by creating two at-large positions and three district director positions.  All community members are invited to   participate in this Thought Exchange process.

To reconfigure the districting, the school district would need two voter-approved ballot measures: 1) Dissolve the existing five director districts and 2) Approve a plan for three balanced director districts and two at-large positions.  Concurrent with the second election would be the election of five board directors under the new districting plan.

All registered voters in Port Townsend School District #50 vote on all school board positions.

1. Allows more people to run for school board positions
2. Reduces the difficulty of finding candidates in outlying districts 2 and 5
3. May increase length of board member service and continuity

1. Director districts would be larger in size and some neighborhoods might be
geographically distant from the residence of their school board member
2. The cost of running two ballot measures and developing redistricting plans

Community feedback is very important to the Board of Directors.  To participate in the Thought Exchange visit: